Re-inventing Patient Experience

One of the core areas of hospitals that need to be exceptionally well designed and well managed is outpatient flow management. An efficient patient flow can directly impact a hospital’s bottom line, thus it’s equally important to provide a streamlined customer service along with high quality healthcare service.

Enhancing patient flow management has a significant impact on other interlinked systems working to integrate and manage customer details, and other sensitive information. Wavetec’s flexible and customizable, front-line healthcare solutions are a perfect match for hospitals aspiring for a complete customer centric approach to healthcare delivery.

Our healthcare brochure elaborates the following offerings for you:


  • Flexibly designed technological solutions
  • Refined healthcare outpatient flow model
  • Interactive way finding displays
  • Digital Directional Signage
  • Patient calling and Entertainment Displays
  • Healthcare Patient Feedback Unit
  • Healthcare Mobile Ticketing
  • Business Intelligence Reports
  • Technical Specifications

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